School Information

1 Name of School : Presidium Gurgaon
2 District : Gurgaon
3 Date of Recognition : 1-May-15
4 Details of minimum facilities being provided (in case of existing schools, for two consecutive years should be given):
Previous Year Current Year
(I) Number of Sections 35 59
(II) Number of Classrooms 200 200
(III) Details of furniture, fans etc. provided in each classroom Annexure 1 Annexure 1
(IV) Other rooms available: Yes Yes
(a) Library Room Yes Yes
(b) Reading Room Yes Yes
(c) Sports Room Yes Yes
(d) Geography Room Yes Yes
(e) Music Room Yes Yes
(f) Dance Room Yes Yes
(g) Art and Craft Room Yes Yes
(h) Computer Lab Yes Yes
(i) Science Laboratory Yes Yes
(j) Physics Lab Yes Yes
(k) Chemistry Lab Yes Yes
(l) biology Lab Yes Yes
(m) Commerce Room Not Applicable Not Applicable
(n) Home Science Room Not Applicable Not Applicable
(o) School Hall Yes Yes
(p) Any other room, if any Theatre TheatreRoom, Squash Room, Language Room
(V) (a)Number of Books, available in Library 13561 16561
(b)Number of books issued to pupils 4500 9000
(VI) (a) Size of play ground 13699 sq.mtrs 13699 sq.mtrs
(b)Availability of sports facilities Yes Yes
(VII) (a)Avaialbility of drinking water Yes Yes
(b)Number of coolers available for cold drinking water 15 17
(VIII) Availability of toilets and urinals
For Staff 6 6
For Boys 29 30
Separate for Girls 30 30
(IX) Details of apparatus and equipment for
(a) Physics 100 150
(b) Chemistry 195 230
(c) Biology 76 150
(d) Science 154 160
(e) Home Science Not Applicable Not Applicable
(f) Music 162 170
(g) Art and Craft 25 50
(h) Geography 13 20
(i) Commerce Not Applicable Not Applicable
(j) Computer 210 237
(X) Medical facilities available Yes Yes
(XI) Arrangement of physical training of people Yes Yes
(XII) Details of co-curricular, cultural and other activities organised by school Annexure 2.1 Annexure 2.2
5 Details of Salaries paid to the staff: Annexure 3
Name of Employee Designation Salary paid during the preceding year
6 Financial position of th e school
(a) Reserve Fund Annexure 4.1 Annexure 4.2
(b) Average monthly income
(i) (i) Fees
(ii) Other sources
(iii) Total income
(iv) Total Expenditure
7 Details of Fees (Stage Wise)
Being Charged Proposed
(a) Primary Stage Annexure 5.1 Annexure 5.2
(b) Upper Primary Stage
(c)Secondary Stage
(d) Sr. Secondary Stage